Symmetry Worksheet for Class 7

Symmetry Worksheet for Class 7

Symmetry Worksheets for Class 7 play a vital role for revising the maths concepts.

Symmetry Class 7 Worksheet 1 with Answers


1. State whether the following statements are true or false.

a. An isosceles triangle has two lines of symmetry.

b. The letters H and X have one line of symmetry.

c. The image of an object about mirror line is formed by reflection.

d. A regular octagon has eight lines of symmetry.

e. The order of the rotational symmetry of a regular hexagon is four.

2. Write down the coordinates of each of the following.




a      (6, −8)

Rotation through 180° about the origin


        (−3, 6)

Reflected on X-axis followed by reflection through the origin


3. Plot the following points on a graph paper and find the new position of each of the point under given rotation through origin.

a. (7, –5), rotation of 90° anticlockwise

b. (5, –6), rotation of 180° clockwise

4. Under what rotation will we get the following coordinates?

a. (–3, 4) gives (–4, –3)

b. (–5, –3) gives (–5, –3)

5. Draw the figures and show their line/lines of symmetry.

a. Rhombus                 

b. Parallelogram                 

c. Arrow head

6. Draw the following diagrams.

a. A quadrilateral with no line of symmetry

b. A triangle with no line of symmetry

c. A polygon with six lines of symmetry

7. Choose the correct option.

a. A rectangle has

i. 2 lines of symmetry                                  

ii. 3 lines of symmetry

iii. 1 line of symmetry                                  

iv. 4 lines of symmetry

b. The line of symmetry of a circle is the

i. radius          

ii. all chords              

iii. circumference                

iv. diameter

c. The number of line of symmetry of a scalene triangle is

i. 1                   

ii. 2                              

iii. 3                                        

iv. none

d. A circle has _______ lines symmetry.

i. 1                 

ii. 2                     

iii. 4                

iv. infinite

8. Mark a point P(4, 3) on a graph and reflect it in Y-axis followed by reflection through the origin. Write down the coordinates.


Symmetry Class 7 Worksheet 2 with Answers


1. State whether the following statements are true or false.

a. A parallelogram has two lines of symmetry.

b. If triangle ABC is reflected in the X-axis and the image is ΔA’B’C, then ΔABC is congruent to ΔA’B’C.

c. The image of the point (–4, 3) when reflected about origin is (–3, 4).

2. Match the following:

a. Image of (–3, –2) on rotating through 180° anticlockwise is      i. about the origin

b. Reflecting a point (x, y) on X-axis followed by reflecting on

Y-axis gives the same image if reflected                                         ii. (3, 2)

c. Image of point (–5, 4) on rotating clockwise through 90° is       iii. 1

d. The regular polygon which has six lines of symmetry is            iv. (4, –5)

e. The number of rotational symmetry of a semicircle is                v. hexagon

3. Fill in the blanks.

a. A semicircle has ___________ lines of symmetry.

b. The alphabet H has ___________ lines of symmetry.

c. A kite has ___________ lines of symmetry.

d. Image of (3, 5) is (–3, –5), hence it is reflected in the ___________.

e. Rotation of (–5, 4) through 90° anticlockwise gives the image ___________.

4. Choose the correct answers from the following.

a. The line symmetry of an angle is

i. bisector of the angle                         

ii. perpendicular drawn from a point

iii. arms of the angle                             

iv. none of these

b. The number of lines of symmetry of a square is

i. 3                   

ii. 4                  

iii. 2                 

iv. 1

c. On reflecting a point P on a mirror line, the distance of the P and its image about the mirror line are

i. equal                       

ii. not equal              

iii. 1/4 of distance                  

iv. none of these

d. Regular polygon has as many lines of symmetry as it has

i. diagonals                

ii. centre                     

iii. sides                      

iv. none of these


Worksheet 1

1. a. False        b. False

    c. True         d. True

    e. False

2. a. (−6, 8)     b. (3, 6)

3. a. (5, 7)       b. (−5, 6)

4. a. 90° anti-clockwise

    b. 180° clockwise

5. Do it yourself

6. Do it yourself

7. a. i              b. iv

    c. iv            d. iv

8. (−4, 3)


Worksheet 2

1. a. False       b. True

    c. False

2. a. ii           b. i

    c. iv          d. v

    e. iii

3. a. one        b. two

    c. one        d. origin

    e. (4, 5)

4. a. i            b. ii

    c. i            d. iii

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