Perimeter and Area Class 7 Worksheets

Perimeter and Area Class 7 Worksheets

Perimeter and Area Class 7 Worksheets

Maths worksheets play a vital role in strengthening the maths concepts. After studying the concepts of mathematics, revision of questions related to that particular topic is very important for the students. This assesses the preparation of the students. Students can assess themselves by its own by solving the worksheets problems. Parents and teachers can also assess the students by giving them these worksheets to the students to solve.

Maths-formula brings such worksheets on perimeter and area class 7 for you. By solving these worksheets, you can increase the understanding of the concepts learnt. These worksheets are prepared by experienced teachers and subject matter experts.


Perimeter and Area Class 7 Worksheet 1


1. Fill in the blanks.

a. Perimeter of a square whose area is 676 cm2 is ___________.

b. The area of a square is same as the area of a rectangle whose length is 18 cm and breadth is 8 cm. The perimeter of the square is ___________.

c. If four squares of side 3 cm are cut from the corners of a square cardboard of side 12 cm, then the area and perimeter of the remaining part are ___________ and ___________ respectively.

d. The perimeter of a square is 80 cm, then the area of the square is ___________.

e. The area of a triangle with base 24 cm and height 15 cm is ___________.

2. Match each of the following to the correct answer:

a. The area of a square field is 1600 hectares,

its area in m2 is                                                                                      i. 1000 cm

b. Area of a rectangle is 360 m2 and its length is 36 m,

then breadth in cm is                                                                            ii. 16000000 m2

c. Area of a triangle whose base is 16 cm and height 8 cm is       iii. 36 cm, 24 cm

d. The base and height of a triangle whose area is 432 cm2

and the ratio of the base and height is 3 : 2 is                                 iv. 169 seconds

e. Perimeter of a square field is 676 m2. If a man runs around

it at 7.2 km/hr, the time taken to complete one round of it is     v. 64 cm2

3. A rectangular lawn of side 30 m by 20 m has a square pool of side 6 m in the middle surrounded by a grass lawn. Find the area of the grass lawn.

4. Find the area and perimeter of each of the following:

a. Rectangle with length 14 cm and breadth 9 cm

b. Square of side 18 cm

5. A rectangular park of length 50 m and breadth 30 m has two crossroads perpendicular to one another. The width of the paths is 3 m, find the area of the crossroads.

6. The floor of a room is 8 m by 4 m. If square tiles of side 20 cm are to be laid on the floor, how many tiles are required?

7. A rectangular garden is 180 m long and 120 m wide, find its perimeter. If the cost of ploughing it is Rs 2.50 per square metre, find the area of the field and the cost of ploughing it.

8. Choose the correct option.

a. Area of a square field is 1764 sq. cm, then its perimeter is equal to

i. 168 cm        ii. 84 cm                     iii. 42 cm                    iv. 441 cm

b. If area of a rectangle whose length is 64 m is 3648 m2, then the perimeter of the field is

i. 121 m          ii. 242 m                    iii. 57 m                      iv. 128 m

c. If the cost of fencing a plot of land is Rs 4.50 per metre and the dimensions of the plot being 252 m by 98 m, then total cost is

i. Rs 1000        ii Rs 875                    iii. Rs 1750                 iv. Rs 700

d. The length and breadth of the floor of rectangular hall is in the ratio 4 : 3. If the perimeter of the floor is 56 m, then its dimensions are

i. 16 m, 12 m                         ii. 32 m, 24 m                       iii. 7 m, 8 m               iv. 14 m, 4 m

9. State whether the following statements are true or false.

a. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle with equal sides 10 cm and base 12 cm is equal to 30 cm.

b. Length of a rectangle is 3 times its breadth. If its area is 1323 cm2, then its dimensions are 21 cm × 7 cm.

c. 15 m2 is equal to 15000 cm2.


Perimeter and Area Class 7 Worksheet 2


1. Fill in the blanks.

a. 1600000 mm2 is equal to ___________ m2.

b. 18 dm is equal to ___________ m.

c. If length = 7.6 cm, breadth = 2.5 cm, then perimeter = __________ and area = __________.

d. If area of a square is 11025 sq. cm, then its length is equal to ___________ and the perimeter is equal to ___________.

e. Area of a garden including a path running around it is 9750 m2. If the garden is 120 m by 65 m, then the area of the path is ___________.

2. A rectangular garden is 115 m by 50 m. Find its perimeter and area.

3. Find the area of the shaded region in each of the following figures.

4. Find the area and perimeter of the following:

a. A triangle with sides 6 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm and height corresponding to base 5 cm is 2.8 cm.

b. Rectangle with sides 12.5 cm and 10 cm.

5. A 5 m wide path runs outside and around a rectangular plot of land of dimension 150 m by 75 m. Find the area of the path and the perimeter of the plot excluding the path.

6. A path 2.5 m wide runs along inside a square path of side 80 m. Find the area of the path. Also, find the cost of levelling the path at Rs 25 per m2.

7. Choose the correct option.

a. Perimeter of a rectangle is

i. 2 (length + breadth)                                  ii. 4 × length of each side

iii. length × breadth                                     iv. length ÷breadth

b. Area of a square of side a is equal to

i. 4a                ii. a2                iii. a3              iv. 2a

c. If the perimeter of a rectangle is 30 cm and length is 8 cm, then breadth is

i. 15 m            ii. 12 cm         iii. 8 cm          iv. 7 cm

d. 16 m2 in cm2 is

i. 160000 cm2                        ii. 1600 cm2               iii. 160 cm2                 iv. 160000 cm2

e. 65000 m2 in hectares is

i. 65 hectares                        ii. 650 hectares         iii. 6.5 hectares         iv. 6500 hectares

8. State whether the following statements are true or false.

a. Area of a rectangle remains the same, if length is doubled and breadth is halved.

b. If the perimeter of a square is 140 cm, then area of the square is 1225 cm2.

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