About Us

About Us

N. K. Singh | Educational Blogger | Teacher | Content Writer

Mr. N. K. Singh is an educational blogger, teacher and mathematics content writer.
Mr. Singh lives in New Delhi, India.  His native place is in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India.

He has completed B.Sc. (PCM), M.Sc (Math), B.Ed and MCA (Master of Computer Application). 

Mr. Singh has over 10 years of experience in teaching and writing content of mathematics. 
He is fond of spreading his knowledge of mathematics to the new learners who hate mathematics. He always loves to teach students in play and fun manner by connecting mathematics with real life situations.

To fulfill all his desires, he developed his blog at https://maths-formula.com which contains mathematical concepts of K-12 level. He creates his own and unique contents to help learners learn in easy and enjoyable manner.

As everybody knows that no one is 100% perfect in this world, the same is also true for me.
So, if you have any suggestion to improve the blog or any error, please mail me at singh.nirajbu@gmail.com. Your suggestions are heartily invited and accepted.

My Qualifications: B.Sc. (PCM), M.Sc (Math), B.Ed, MCA
Key Skills: Writing mathematics concepts and solutions of K-12 level
My Educational Blog: https://maths-formula.com