Maths Board Games, Maths Card Games

Maths Board Games, Maths Card Games

Maths Games

Maths games can be used by the teachers to make understand the maths concepts to students in an easy manner. Students play the games and learn the maths concepts very easily.
Here a few examples of maths games are given for your reference. Teachers and parents can take help from these games to create their own maths games. 
After these two sample maths games, you can download a complete PDF of more than 20 maths board games, maths card games and print and play maths games.
Teacher, parents and students can download these maths board games, maths card games and play these games in class.

Game 1: Number Game
Objective: To reinforce the concept of larger numbers.
Materials Required: Chairs, Paper, Sketch pen, Music system, Glue, etc.
Preparation: Gather the students in the playground.
1. Place nine chairs side by side in the school playground.
2. Each student writes any one-digit number on a paper.
3. Choose any nine students at a time from the class to walk around the chairs.
4. Start the music.
5. The students carrying papers with one-digit numbers start walking around the chairs.
6. When the music stops, students sit on the chairs nearest to them.
7. They hold up their numbers so that the class can see them and read the nine-digit number aloud.
8. Try some more numbers with nine new students.

From this game, the students learn reading and writing larger numbers.

Game 2: Roll and Round

Objective: To understand the concept of rounding of numbers.
Material Required: A die for each student

Preparation: Gather students in groups of four


1. This game can be played in the group of four.
2. Roll a die three times and write down the numbers in the table below.
3. Rearrange the numbers to write a greatest and a smallest 3-digit numbers. But don’t let your partners see your new numbers.
4. Round your numbers to the nearest 100.
5. Show the rounded number to your partners and ask them to work out your numbers.
6. Find the sum of the numbers. One is done for you.
7. Swap roles and play again.
8. Player with the highest sum is the winner.

Numbers on the die
Greatest number formed
Smallest number formed
Numbers nearest to 100
Player 1
5, 6, 1
700, 200
Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Maths Board Games and Maths Card Games

Look at the following PDF of Maths board games and Maths card games. Teachers, parents and students can download these games and play in the classroom.

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