Congruence of Triangles Class 7 Worksheets

Congruence of Triangles Class 7 Worksheets

Congruence of Triangles Class 7 Worksheets


Maths worksheets play a vital role in strengthening the maths concepts. After studying the concepts of mathematics, revision of questions related to that particular topic is very important for the students. This assesses the preparation of the students. Students can assess themselves by its own by solving the worksheets problems. Parents and teachers can also assess the students by giving them these worksheets to the students to solve.

Maths-formula brings such worksheets on congruence of triangles class 7 for you. By solving these worksheets, you can increase the understanding of the concepts learnt. These worksheets are prepared by experienced teachers and subject matter experts. If you can solve the 90% of the questions correctly, it means your preparation is very good.

Thus, let us try to attempt these questions to solve and assess yourself. Parents and teachers can also give these questions to the students to test them. Unit tests can also be prepared by the teachers using these questions.


Congruence of Triangles Class 7 Worksheet 1


1. In each of the following figures, state whether each of the pair of triangles are congruent or not. If yes, write the condition it satisfies.

2. Prove that ΔABD and ΔBCD are congruent.

3. Each of the following pair of triangles are congruent. Write the measurements of the indicated sides and angles.

<BAD, <ACD, AC, BD                                                                   <ABD, <ACD, <CPD, BD

4. Fill in the blanks.

a. Two triangles are congruent, if two angles and one side of one triangle are equal to two angles and the corresponding side of the other triangle and the condition used for congruency is written as ___________.

b. In triangles ABC and PQR, AB = PQ, AC = QR and <A = <P, then two triangles are ___________.

c. The areas of congruent triangles are ___________

5. Choose the correct option.

a. Two triangles having equal sides and equal angles are said to be

i. congruent                          ii. same                       iii. unequal                iv. none of these

b. SAS for two triangles is a condition for

i. congruency                        ii. shapes                    iii. same                      iv. none of these

c. The symbol used for congruency is

i.                               ii. ~                             iii. =                            iv. >

d. In two right-angled triangles, if the hypotenuse and a side of one triangle equals the hypotenuse and the side of the other triangle respectively, then they are congruent by the condition

i. SAS                          ii. SSS                          iii. AAS                       iv. RHS


Congruence of Triangles Class 7 Worksheet 2

1. Match the following with the correct conditions of congruency:

2. Prove that the following triangles are congruent.

3. Prove that the following pairs of triangles are congruent and then write the measurement of the indicated sides and angles.

4. Draw each of the following figure and state whether the given pair of triangles are congruent or not. If yes, write the congruence condition they are satisfying.

a.    ΔABD and ΔADC            b. ΔADC and ΔABC               c. ΔABC and ΔBCD

5. Choose the correct option.

a. Two equilateral triangles with equal sides are

i. congruent               ii. not congruent                   iii. unequal                iv. none of these

b. In ΔABC and ΔDEF, AB = EF, BC = DF and <B = <F, the two triangles are

i. congruent              ii. not congruent                  iii. similar                   iv. none of these

c. If three angles of a triangle are equal to three angles of another triangle, then they are

i. congruent by AAA             ii. not congruent      iii. congruent SAS     iv. none of these

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