Time Worksheet for Class 1

Time Worksheet for Class 1

Time worksheets for class 1 are prepared by subject matter experts to increase the understanding of the concepts of Time class 1.

Time Worksheet for Class 1 with Answers

1. Read the time from the following clocks and write it in the given space.

2. Draw hands on the clock face to show the given time.

3. What is the time in the given clock? Write in the given space.

4. Draw the hands on the clock face to show the time given below.

5. Fill in the blanks.

a. The number of days in a week is ____________.

b. The second day of the week is ____________.

c. The fourth day of the week is _____________.

d. The last day of the week is _____________.

e. The days which start with letter ‘T’ are __________________.

f. _______________ comes after Thursday.

g. The day that comes before Tuesday is ______________.

h. A leap year has _______ days.

i. July comes after ________________.

j. October comes before ______________.

6. Fill in the blanks considering today is Thursday.

a. Tomorrow will be ________________.

b. Yesterday was _______________.

c. The day before yesterday was ________________.

d. The day after tomorrow will be ________________.

7. Which day comes in between Tuesday and Thursday?

8. If today is Monday, then what is the day after 3 days?

9. Which is the third month of the year?

10. Which month comes in between February and April?

11. How many months have 30 days in a year?

12. How many months have 31 days in a year?

13. Write the names of the months having 30 days.

14. Write the names of the months having 31 days.

15. In which month does the Christmas appear?

16. Fill in the blanks.

a. The months of a year that begin with ‘M’ are __________________ and _________________.

b. The months of a year that begin with ‘J’ are __________________ and _________________.

c. There are ___________ months in a year.

d. The month that comes before January is ___________________.

e. There are __________________ days in November.

f. There are ___________________ days in December.

g. There are __________________ days in April.

h. The total number of days in the months of August and September together is ________________.


1. a. 8:00     b. 9:00            

    c. 1:00     d. 6:00             

    e. 7:00     f. 11:00

2. Do it yourself

3. a. 8:30      b. 9:00               

    c. 1:30      d. 1:00            

    e. 4:30

4. Do it yourself

5. a. 7     b. Tuesday            

    c. Thursday 

    d. Sunday             

    e. Tuesday and Thursday

    f. Friday               

    g. Monday           

    h. 366

    i. June                 

    j. November

6. a. Friday            

     b. Wednesday          

     c. Tuesday

     d. Saturday

7. Wednesday                     

8. Thursday

9. March                       

10. March

11. 4 months                    

12. 7 months

13. April, June, September, November

14. January, March, May, July, August, October, December

15. December

16. a. March and May           

      b. January, June and July

      c. 12                 

      d. December                 

      e. 30

      f. 31                 

      g. 30                         

      h. 61

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