Measurement Worksheet for Class 1

Measurement Worksheet for Class 1

Measurement worksheets for class 1 play a major role in strengthening the concepts of Measurement class 1.

Measurement Worksheet for Class 1 with Answers

1. Identify and name these non-standard units.

2. Use your body parts (handspan, cubit, footspan, pace) to measure the following lengths.

a. Your pencil box = ______handspans

b. Your study table = ______handspans

c. Blackboard = ______cubits

d. Your classroom = ______footspans

e. Your school playground = ______paces

f. Your class window = ______cubits

g. Your desk = ________handspans

h. Class corridor = ______paces

3. Find the length of the pencil.

The length of the pencil is ______ matchsticks.

4. Find the weight of the book.

The weight of the book is ______ apples.

5. Tick the jug which has more liquid and cross the jug which has less liquid.

6. Find the longest, the shortest and the equal ropes from the following.

a. The rope _____ is the longest.

b. The rope _____ is the shortest.

c. The ropes _____ and _____ are equal in length.

7. Which one is longer?

a. A pencil or a safety pin ___________________

b. A mobile phone or a TV ___________________ 

c. A pant or a short ___________________

d. A paper clip or a pen ___________________

e. An eraser of a chalk ___________________

f. A handspan or a cubit ___________________

8. Which one is heavier?

a. A dog or a cat ___________________                

b. A school bag or a pencil ___________________                       

c. An eraser or a tiffin box ___________________

d. An elephant or a cow ___________________                      

e. A bicycle or a motorcycle ___________________    

f. A chalk of a duster ___________________

9. Which has the more capacity?

a. A cup or a mug ___________________

b. A jug or a bucket ___________________

c. A syrup bottle or a glass ___________________

d. A bucket or a tank ___________________

e. A bowl or a bath tub ___________________

f. A water tank or jug ___________________

10. Measure the length of the following pencil using a paper clip, a matchstick and an eraser.

a. The length of the pencil is ______ paper clips.

b. The length of the pencil is ______ matchsticks.

c. The length of the pencil is ______ erasers.


1. a. Handspan           

    b. Cubit                 

    c. Footspan              

    d. Pace

2. Do it yourself

3. 4           4. 2                     

5. a. X       b.

6. a. C      b. A             

    c. B and D

7. a. A pencil     b. A TV              

    c. A pant       d. A pen                 

    e. A chalk      f. A cubit

8. a. A dog            

    b. A school bag        

    c. A tiffin box

    d. An elephant         

    e. A motorcycle         

    f. A duster

9. a. A mug               

    b. A bucket           

    c. A glass

   d. A tank                 

   e. A bath tub          

   f. A water tank

10. Do it yourself

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