Shapes Worksheet for Class 3

Shapes Worksheet for Class 3

Shapes worksheets for class 3 play a vital role in strengthening the shapes concepts.

Shapes Worksheet for Class 3 with Answers

1. Draw the line segments of the following measures using a ruler.

a. 5 cm         b. 6 mm         

c. 3 mm        d. 4 cm        

e. 8 cm         f. 7 cm

2. Write the names of the following 3D shapes.

3. Identify the shape of the following objects.

a. An ice cube ______    

b. Geometry box ______   

c. A road roller ______

d. A matchbox ______   

e. A smiley ball ______      

f. Ice cream cone ______

4. Name a solid shape with

a. only one vertex ____________ .           

b. no flat surface ____________ .

c. exactly two flat faces ____________ . 

d. six identical faces ____________ .

5. Write the names of the following 2D shapes.

6. Join the dots with the type of line as mentioned.  

a.           .                             .       Straight line

              X                           Y

b.           .                      .       Curved line

              A                    B

7. Write the number of faces, edges and vertices of the following shapes.

a. Cube           b. Cuboid            

c. Cylinder      d. Cone       

e. Sphere

8. Make the following shapes using tangram pieces.

a. Duck          b. Rabbit        

c. House        d. Cat

9. Write the number of sides and corners in the following 2D shapes.

a. Triangle      b. Square          

c. Rectangle     d. Circle

10. Draw at least shapes for each of the following and name them.

a. Point           b. Line               

c. Line segment      d. Ray

11. Draw a circle of radius 6 cm and mark the following.

a. Centre          b. Radius         

c. Diameter      d. Circumference

12. Fill in the blanks.

a. In a rectangle, pairs of ______________ sides are equal.

b. In a square, ______________ sides are equal.

c. A point has no length or ______________.

d. A line segment has ______________ end points.

e. A triangle has ______________ sides.

f. A triangle has ______________ vertices.

g. A circle has ______________ sides and ______________ vertex.

  h. A rectangle can be cut into ______________ equal triangles.


1. Do it yourself

2. a. Cube        b. Cuboid         

    c. Cylinder   d. Sphere        

    e. Cone

3. a. Cube           b. Cuboid        

    c. Cylinder     d. Cuboid       

    e. Sphere        f. Cone

4. a. Cone          b. Sphere          

    c. Cylinder    d. Cube

5. a. Triangle     b. Circle            

    c. Rectangle   d. Square

6. Do it yourself



Number of faces

Number of edges

Number of vertices

a. Cube




b. Cuboid




c. Cylinder




d. Cone




e. Sphere




8. Do it yourself



Number of sides

Number of corners

a. Triangle



b. Square



c. Rectangle



d. Circle



10. Do it yourself

11. Do it yourself

12. a. opposite        b. all            

      c. width            d. two                 

      e. three             f. three

       g. one; no        h. two

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