Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Worksheets

Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Worksheets

Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Worksheets


Maths worksheets play a vital role in strengthening the maths concepts. After studying the concepts of mathematics, revision of questions related to that particular topic is very important for the students. This assesses the preparation of the students. Students can assess themselves by its own by solving the worksheets problems. Parents and teachers can also assess the students by giving them these worksheets to the students to solve.

Maths-formula brings such worksheets on Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 for you. By solving these worksheets, you can increase the understanding of the concepts learnt. These worksheets are prepared by experienced teachers and subject matter experts.

Thus, let us try to attempt these questions to solve and assess yourself. Parents and teachers can also give these questions to the students to test them. Unit tests can also be prepared by the teachers using these questions.


Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Worksheet


1. In how many chapters did Euclid divide his famous treatise “The elements”?


2. It is known that if a = 2b and c = 2b, then a = c. Which Euclid’s axiom illustrates this statement?


3. State Euclid’s fifth axiom.


4. It is known that if x + y = 10, then x + y + z = 10 + z. Which axiom of Euclid does this statement illustrate?


5. State Euclid’s first postulate.


6. Solve the equation u – 5 = 15 and state the axiom that you use here.


7. If a point O lies between two points P and R such that PO = OR then prove that PO = ½ PR.


8. Prove that every line segment has one and only one mid-point.


9. Does Euclid’s fifth postulate imply the existence of parallel lines? Explain.


1. 13 chapters

2. Sixth axiom

3. The whole is greater than the part.

4. Second axiom

5. A straight line may be drawn from any point to any other point.

6. u = 20

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