Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets

Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets

Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets


Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets play a vital role in strengthening the maths concepts. After studying the concepts of mathematics, revision of Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets is very important for the students. This assesses the preparation of the students. Students can assess themselves by its own by solving the Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets. Parents and teachers can also assess the students by giving them these Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets to solve.

Maths-formula brings such worksheets on Coordinate Geometry Class 9 for you. By solving these Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets, you can increase the understanding of the concepts learnt. These Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets are prepared by experienced teachers and subject matter experts.

Thus, let us try to attempt these questions to solve and assess yourself. Parents and teachers can also give these questions to the students to test them. Unit tests can also be prepared by the teachers using these Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheets.


Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Worksheet


Q.1 If y-coordinate of a point is zero, then where will this point lie in the coordinate plane?


Q.2 In which quadrant(s), abscissa of a point is negative?


Q.3 Find the point whose ordinate is -3 and which lies on y-axis.


Q.4 The point in which abscissa and ordinate have different signs will lie in which quadrant(s)?


Q.5 Find the perpendicular distance of the point P (5, 7) from the y-axis.




Q.6 Write the coordinates of a point on x-axis at a distance of 6 units from the origin in the positive direction of x-axis and then justify your answer.


Q.7 If the coordinates of two points are P (-2, 3) and Q (-3, 5), then find (abscissa of P) – (abscissa of Q).


Q.8 Without plotting the points indicate the quadrant in which they will lie, if

 i. Ordinate is -3 and abscissa is -2

ii. Abscissa is 5 and ordinate is -6


Q.9 Plot the points A (5, 5) and B (-5, 5) in Cartesian plane. Join AB, OA and OB. Name the type of triangle so obtained.


Q.10 Find the coordinates of the point

 i. which lies on both x and y-axis.

ii. whose abscissa is 5 and lies on x-axis.

iii. whose ordinate is -4 and lies on y-axis.




Q.11 Plot the points A (2, 0), B (5, 0) and C (5, 3). Find the coordinate of the point D such that ABCD is a square.


Q.12 Plot the points P (-2, 1), Q (2, 1), R (3, 2) and S (-1, 2) and write the name of the figure thus obtained.

Q.13 Plot the points (-3, 0), (5, 0), (0, 4) on Cartesian plane. Name the figure formed by joining these points and find its area.


Q.14 Draw the quadrilateral with vertices (-4, 4), (-6, 0), (-4, -4), (-2, 0). Name the type of quadrilateral and find its area.


Q.15 Write the coordinates of the vertices of a rectangle whose length and breadth are 6 and 3 units respectively, one vertex at the origin, the longer side lies on the y-axis and one of the vertices lies in the second quadrant.


Q.16 From the given figure, write

a) the coordinates of the points B and F.

b) the point identified by the coordinates (1, 1)

c) the abscissa of the points D and H.

d) the ordinates of the points A and C.

e) the quadrant in which points B and I lie.

f) the perpendicular distance of the point G from the x-axis.

g) the perpendicular distance of the point I from the y-axis.

h) the point whose perpendicular distance from y-axis is 2 units.




1. on the x- axis

2. II and III quadrants

3. (0, -3)

4. II and IV quadrants

5. 5

6. (6, 0)

7. 1

8. i) III quadrant ii) IV quadrant

9. An isosceles triangle

10. i) (0, 0) ii) (5, 0) iii) (0, -4)

11. Coordinates of point D (2, 3)

12. Parallelogram

13. Triangle, 16 square units

14. Rhombus, 16 square units

15. (0, 0), (0, 6), (-3, 6), (-3, 0)

16. a) B (-5, -4), F (6, 0)  b) D   c) D-1, H-0    d) A-1, C-0  

e) III quadrant    f) 4 units    g) 2 units     h) C and I

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