Heron’s Formula Class 9 Worksheet

Heron’s Formula Class 9 Worksheet

Heron’s Formula Class 9 Worksheet with Answers


Heron's Formula Class 9 Worksheets play a vital role in strengthening the maths concepts. After studying the concepts of mathematics, revision of Heron's Formula Class 9 Worksheets is very important for the students. This assesses the preparation of the students. Students can assess themselves by its own by solving the Heron's Formula Class 9 Worksheets. Parents and teachers can also assess the students by giving them these Heron's Formula Class 9 Worksheets to solve.

Maths-formula brings such worksheets on Heron’s Formula Class 9 for you. By solving these Heron's Formula Class 9 Worksheets, you can increase the understanding of the concepts learnt. These Heron's Formula Class 9 Worksheets are prepared by experienced teachers and subject matter experts.

Thus, let us try to attempt these questions to solve and assess yourself. Parents and teachers can also give these questions to the students to test them. Unit tests can also be prepared by the teachers using these Heron's Formula Class 9 Worksheets.


Heron’s Formula Class 9 Worksheet with Answers


1. Find the length of each side of an equilateral triangle having an area of 9√3 𝑐𝑚2.

2. Find the area of an isosceles triangle having base 2 cm and the length of one of the equal sides 4 cm.

3. How many times area is changed, when sides of a triangle are doubled.

4. If the perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 11 cm and its base is 5 cm, its area is 5√11𝑐𝑚2. State true or false and give reason.

5. If the area of an equilateral triangle is 16√3 𝑐𝑚2, then find the perimeter of the triangle.

6. The cost of levelling a ground in the form of a triangle having the sides 51 m, 37 m and 20 m at the rate of ₹ 3 per 𝑚2 is ₹ 918. State whether the statement is true or false and justify your answer.

7. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 32 cm. The ratio of the equal side to its base is 3 : 2. Find the area of the triangle.

8. The lengths of the sides of a triangle are 7 cm, 13 cm and 12 cm. Find the length of perpendicular from the opposite vertex to the side whose length is 12 cm.

9. The perimeter of a triangle is 50 cm. One side of a triangle is 4 cm longer than the smaller side and the third side is 6 cm less than twice the smaller side. Find the area of the triangle.

10. The area of a trapezium is 475 𝑐𝑚2 and the height is 19 cm. Find the lengths of its parallel sides if one side is 4 cm greater than the other.

11. If each side of a triangle is doubled, then find the ratio of area of new triangle thus formed and the given triangle.





1. a = 6 cm

2. √15 𝑐𝑚2

3. Four times

4. True

5. 24 cm

6. True

7. 32√2 𝑐𝑚2

8. 4√3 𝑐𝑚

9. 109.6 𝑐𝑚2

10. 23 cm, 27 cm 

11. 4 : 1

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