How to Compare Large Numbers

How to Compare Large Numbers

How to Compare Large Numbers

Rules for Comparing Large Numbers

1.      If the number of digits in the numbers to be compared are different, the number having more number of digits is larger.
           For example,

           8,35,27,725 > 92,41,785 [Since 92,41,785 has 7 digits and 8,35,27,725 has 8 digits].

2.      If both the numbers have the same number of digits, then compare the digits starting from the highest place value till the digits are different.

For example,

a.     5,32,47,819 < 8,21,53,458  because 5 < 8

b.     59,73,153 > 58,32,171 because 5 = 5 but 9 > 8

Ordering Large Numbers

Ascending Order

When numbers are arranged in the order of the smallest to the largest, they are in ascending order.
Example: Arrange 67,64,645, 27,36,389, 54,53,927 and 1,08,74,739 in ascending order.

Here, three numbers are 7-digit numbers and one number is an 8-digit number. So, the 8-digit number will be the largest number. Now, compare the digits with the highest place value among the other three numbers. Clearly, 2 < 5 < 6.
Thus, the ascending order is 27,36,389 < 54,53,927 < 67,64,645 < 1,08,74,739.

Descending Order

When numbers are arranged in the order of the largest to the smallest, they are in descending order.
Example: Arrange 78,68,974, 73,43,638, 73,42,903 and 79,55,822 in descending order.

Arrange 98,68,974, 93,43,638, 93,42,903 and 99,55,822 in descending order.
All the numbers are 7-digit numbers. For all the numbers, the digit at the highest place value is also same, that is, 7.
So, compare the digits at the next place value.

One number has 8, two numbers have 3 and one number has 9 as the digit. Clearly, 9 > 8 > 3.
Hence, 99,55,822 is the largest number and 98,68,974 is the second largest number.

Now, let us compare 93,43,638 and 93,42,903.
In this case, the three left most digits are same. Compare the fourth digit from the left. Clearly, 3 > 2. Hence, 93,43,638 > 93,42,903
Thus, the descending order is 99,55,822 > 98,68,974 > 93,43,638 > 93,42,903.

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