Curves, Different Views of 3D Shapes, Tangram

Curves, Different Views of 3D Shapes, Tangram


A line that is not straight is a curve. There are two types of curves.

Closed Curve

If a curve begins and ends at the same point, it is known as a closed curve.

If a closed curve does not cross itself, it is a simple closed curve. The first four figures are examples of simple closed curves.

Open Curve

If a curve does not end at the starting point, it is known as an open curve.

Different Views of Three-dimensional (3D) Shapes

The view of an object means how it looks when it is seen from different positions. There are 3 main views—top, front and side.

The diagram below shows top, front and side views of a 3D object.

Let us look at the views of the given figure.


A tangram is a traditional Chinese puzzle. It is an intellectual game consisting of seven pieces. Each piece is called a tan.

The seven pieces include:
·        5 triangles
·        1 square
·        1 parallelogram

These seven pieces can be arranged to create different designs and figures.

For example:

Example: Can you make the figures of the following using the tangram pieces?
1. Sailboat
2. Man on Horse
3. Camel
4. Shark
5. Fish
6. Bear
7. Fox
8. Tree

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