Minuend and Subtrahend

Minuend and Subtrahend

Minuend and Subtrahend

Do you know that the three numbers involved in a subtraction equation are called using three different names? They are minuend, subtrahend and difference. We will discuss these terms one by one in this article.

We know that subtraction is the opposite of addition. Subtraction means taking away smaller number from a larger number. ‘–’ is the sign of subtraction.

Let us see the following example.


                25                        12            =            13

          Minuend             Subtrahend           Difference


The number from which we subtract the other number is called the minuend.

The number which is subtracted from the minuend is called the subtrahend.

The result is called the difference.


Minuend Definition


Minuend is the bigger number from which the smaller number is subtracted.

For example:

    876   ← Minuend

  642   ← Subtrahend


    234   ← Difference


In the above example, 876 is the minuend, 642 is the subtrahend and 234 is the difference. If we change the position of the minuend and the subtrahend, the difference will change. It may be positive or negative. So, we cannot change the position the minuend and the subtrahend. Minuend is always bigger than the subtrahend.


Subtrahend Definition


You have seen above that the number being subtracted from the minuend is called the subtrahend. The terms minuend, subtrahend and difference are used to differentiate among the three numbers used in a subtraction equation.

For example: Subtract 56 from 100.

Here, we have to subtract 56 from 100. So, 56 is the subtrahend and 100 is the minuend. To find the difference, let us subtract.

    100   ← Minuend

    56   ← Subtrahend


      44   ← Difference


Remember this easy equation to under these three terms.

Minuend                Subtrahend        =       Difference


Solved Examples


Example 1: Find the minuend in the following subtraction equation.

                        18 – 12 = 6

Solution: We know that minuend is the number from which another number is subtracted. Thus, in this case minuend is 18.

Example 2: Find the subtrahend in the following subtraction equation.

                        248 – 135 = 113

Solution: We know that subtrahend is the number which is subtracted from the minuend. Thus, in this case subtrahend is 135.

Example 3: Subtract 3694 from 7329.

Solution: Here, 7329 is minuend and 3694 is subtrahend. So, the subtraction equation is: 7329 – 3694

    7329 ← Minuend

  3694 ← Subtrahend


    3635 ← Difference



Word Problems on Minuend and Subtrahend


Example 1: There were 578 seats in an auditorium. If 325 people attended a concert held in the auditorium, how many seats were empty?


Total number of seats in auditorium       =    578

Number of people in the concert             = 325


Number of empty seats                             =     253


Example 2: In a cricket stadium, 48950 people can sit. If in a particular match, 25748 seats are occupied, how many seats are vacant?


Total number of seats in stadium     =    48950

Number of seats occupied                 = 25748


Number of vacant seats                      =     23202


Example 3: Mr. Sharma had Rs 76945 in his bank account. If he withdrew Rs 28538 from the account, how much money is left in his bank account?


Amount in Mr. Sharma’s bank account     =    Rs 76945

Amount withdrawn by him                          = – Rs 28538


Amount left in his bank account                 =     Rs 48407



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