Class 6 Chapter 16: Data Handling

Class 6 Chapter 16: Data Handling

Important Concepts and Formulas

1.      Data is a collection of numbers, figures, names or any items collected to give some information.

2.      The data which has not been organized is called raw data.

3.      To get specific information from the given data quickly, we arrange them in a tabular form using tally marks.

4.      A pictograph represents data through pictures of objects. Pictographs help us to answer the questions related to the data at a glance.

5.      Pictographs fail to represent large data. Representing data by pictographs is difficult and time consuming process.

6.      To represent data using a bar graph, we have to draw bars or rectangles of uniform width leaving equal space in-between the rectangles. The length of the bars represents the required information about the quantity.

7.      Bar graphs can be easily drawn and drawing them is less time consuming.

8.      Choosing a suitable scale is very important for a pictograph and a bar graph.

9.      Every graph should have a title. Using the title and the given scale, we can interpret a graph.

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