Fun with Maths Games

Fun with Maths Games

Fun with Maths Games

Maths games play a vital role in teaching mathematics for teachers and parents. Students have fun with maths games while they are playing it and learn maths concepts in a play way manner. Fun with maths games is a teaching tool for teachers. Teacher can select and prepare an appropriate game for kids according to their age groups.

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Let us see how to select, prepare and play a game: 

1. Selecting the games

• The games are an ideal way to cater for different ability levels in your classroom. Students who are struggling may be given easier games to practice basic skills.

• The more advanced games can be used to extend brighter students.

• Games can be used to reinforce the skills that are being taught in the classroom, e.g. When time is being taught, play Time Bingo.

• Students can also be involved in selecting which games they would like to play. This will create a sense of ownership of the games.

• The games can be used as a reward for working well. Allow students to select the game they would like to play.

2. Preparing the games

• Games that require cards can be printed in the size shown or can be enlarged on a photocopier to create large cards that can be used for whole class games.

• Students can be involved in preparing the games. Students can print the cards, cut out cards and decorate the bags or envelopes. This will lighten the teachers work load and give students a sense of ownership of the games. The students will take pride in the fact they made the games. At the same time, it is also giving the students responsibility.

• Laminating the cards will make them more durable and also more appealing.

3. Playing the games

• The games are suitable for a variety of classroom uses.

• The class can be divided into teams and one player at a time can come to the front for a turn. Students can also be seated in a circle and sit with their teams. The cards can be placed in the centre of the circle.

• When playing with the whole class, this provides an ideal time to discuss the skills relevant to the game, e.g. discuss place value when playing a number game.

• These games can be part of a Math activity centre or an activity for a Math rotation.

• These games are also an ideal activity for students who finish work early. I always have a box of games at the back of the classroom. Students who finish work early then choose a game and play quietly in a designated area.

• Games can also be sent home with students so they can play them with their parents. Parents will enjoy this as it is a fun way for them to help their child and be involved in what the child is doing at school.

Math Games Ideas

1. Addition Duel

2. Basketball Facts

3. Battleships

4. Build A Number

5. Build One

6. Bundles

7. Buzz

8. Coin Toss

9. Decimal Aim

10. Dominoes

11. Dominoes – Keepers

12. Dominoes – Sevens

13. Double Dice Addition

14. Double Dice Multiplication

15. Double Draw

16. Families Race

17. Find It First – Facts

18. Find It First - Numbers

19. Find It First – Place Value

20. First to 100

21. Four In A Row Bingo

22. Fraction Fun

23. Grab and Group

24. Groups – Addition

25. Guess It

26. Hangman

27. Higher or Lower

28. Jumbled Operations

29. Largest Number

30. Last One Loses

31. Make 20

32. Math Champs

33. Money Bucket

34. Multiples Race

35. Nim

36. Number Hats

37. Number Snap

38. Number Tic Tac Toe

39. Number Washing Line

40. Odds and Evens

41. Patterns – Simple

42. Patterns – Shapes

43. Patterns – Numbers

44. Percentage Prizes

45. Pirates

46. Pizza Plates

47. Round Off Bingo

48. Round The World

49. Scan and Grab

50. Secret Strategy

51. Show It

52. Stretch Race

53. Take Off

54. Tangram Tangles

55. Time Bingo

56. Toothpick Grab

57. Twenty Questions

58. Vanishing Numbers

59. What’s My Number?

60. What’s My Shape?

61. Who Am I?

Fun with Maths Games

Maths games ideas will help you to create your own fun with maths games.
Here you will find the maths games on above ideas.

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