Class 8 Chapter 4: Cubes and Cube Roots

Class 8 Chapter 4: Cubes and Cube Roots

Important Concepts and Formulas on Cubes and Cube Roots

1.      The cube of a number is obtained when a number is multiplied three times by itself.

2.      The cube of an even number is even and that of an odd number is odd.

3.      The cube of a positive number is positive, and the cube of a negative number is negative.

4.      The cube of any number can be expressed as the sum of consecutive odd numbers.

5.      Cube root is the inverse operation of cubing a number.

6.      A perfect cube is a number whose cube root is a whole number.

7.      The cube root of a number can be found by:

a.      Prime Factorization
b.      Estimation

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