Class 7 Chapter 7: Linear Equations

Class 7 Chapter 7: Linear Equations

Important Concepts and Formulas on  Linear Equations

1.      An equation is a statement of equality between two expressions.

2.      An equation has two sides separated by the symbol (=). The two sides are LHS and RHS.

3.    The value of the variable, which makes both sides of the equation same is called the solution of the equation. For example, x = 3 is the solution of equation 4x – 5 = 7.

4.      If LHS and RHS are interchanged, the equation remains the same.

5.      There are different methods for finding the solution of an equation. To solve an equation in one variable, we can

·        add the same number to both sides.
·        subtract the same number from both sides.
·        multiply both sides by the same number.
·        divide both sides by the same (non-zero) number.

6.      The concept of algebraic equation can be utilized to solve problems related to real-life situations.

7.      To solve an equation, we carry out a series of identical mathematical operations on two sides of the equation such that the unknown variable is on one side and its value is obtained on the other side.

8.      When we transpose a number from one side of the equation to the other side, we change its sign.

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