Class 6 Chapter 7: Decimals

Class 6 Chapter 7: Decimals

Important Concepts and Formulas

1.      Decimals are fractions with denominators 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and so on.

2.      A decimal number has two parts: a whole number part (integral part) and a decimal part.

3.      The number of digits in the decimal part of a decimal number determines the decimal places of that number.

4.      Decimals having the same number of decimal places are called like decimals, otherwise they are unlike decimals.

5.      Unlike decimals can be converted into like decimals by adding required number of zeros at the end of the decimal part.

6.      To compare two decimal numbers, first we compare the whole number part. If they are equal then the tenth part is compared. If they are also equal, then the subsequent parts are compared.

7.      Every decimal number can be converted as a fraction and vice versa.

8.      To add or subtract decimals, convert them into like decimals. Then add or subtract them like whole numbers by keeping decimal points of the given decimals in the same column.

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